Events Planning 411: The Ultimate Party DJ Experience Comments Off

Events Planning 411: The Ultimate Party DJ Experience

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Hiring a DJ is one of the most in-demand events music for both formal and casual occasions.

DJ hire services require minimal setup time and space. Aside from the standard sound system, a party DJ only needs his turntables and only a number of digital equipment. If without a band accompaniment, there will not be any instruments to put up. This also means a smaller amount of space is necessary; the disc jockey does not have to move around to perform. Turntables, synthesizers, and maybe a laptop sum up the whole party DJ experience.


Since it is easy to setup before the event, packing up can be done within minutes, too. A few cables here and there, the DJ can start and pack in no time.

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Hiring Wedding DJs: Good Questions to Ask During the Interview Comments Off

Hiring Wedding DJs: Good Questions to Ask During the Interview

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Finding wedding musicians are a piece of cake, pun intended. There are many soloists, quartets, live bands, and wedding DJ Brisbane companies that perform in different types of gatherings.


Wedding DJ hire services are everywhere, too. The growing popularity of hiring disc jockeys in different gatherings is coping with more traditional events music options. To get the most out of the money spent for hiring events disc jockeys, screening them and filtering the most suitable person for the job is just as understandable as winetasting or a baker’s presentation of cakes to clients.

Conduct several interviews. Getting to know a person to see if s/he is seemed fit for the job. Of course, the interviewer has got to ask the right questions.

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I Am A DJ: Learning The Ropes Comments Off

I Am A DJ: Learning The Ropes

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What would the world be if there were no disc jockeys? It may seem like there would be music but music would just be on a random basis. You can go to a party and you can dance to a song right now but you may not be dancing in the next song because randomly, the next song was a ballad. Not that danceable enough. That is why the world needs DJs as well as DJ equipment. Having the right equipment assists our disc jockeys in bringing even better music to the world.

Your love for music has been in your since you were a child. You really loved singing, which is what your mother told you. However, it seemed like singing was not for you. And so you found the profession of disc jockeying and you found out that this was what you may need. This was the profession that you may have been looking for. After all, you like music and DJs really work with music.

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Want To Enjoy Old Records Longer? Store Them Properly Comments Off

Want To Enjoy Old Records Longer? Store Them Properly

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When the time comes that even compact disc records are considered old technology and digital music is all the rage, what will you do with the stacks of old vinyl records that just eating up space in your home? Well, you can actually choose to continue and enjoy listening to them. The technology maybe old but the music is still the same. Even at these modern times of iPods and MP3 players, people still enjoy to listen to timeless music. Surely many of those records may contain beautiful songs that people constantly love to hear despite of the racket made by the incomprehensible and lyrically challenged “songs” of today. So don’t consider the services of removalists yet to move those records and other things out of your home and into some storage.

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Running With Music = Less Effort

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A healthy lifestyle is the kind of trend that people are following nowadays. Gone are the days when partying and just sitting down and watching TV are the trend. Right now, it is all about being active and learning how to become a better person. Well, at least, physically. That is why you would see a lot of fitness programs abound. Plus, there are a lot of equipment that would help build a person and make them to be even healthier than they already are.

Come to think of it, lots of places have already developed areas where people can sweat it out especially during the weekends. You would see a lot of people doing yoga or even taking Tai Chi classes in the park. Or you can even join them as they take on Zumba and other dance sessions - and this is free for anyone who would like to perspire. And then there are those who would take the bicycle and start cycling around the area to sweat out. You would also see a lot of people doing jogging or brisk walking or running so that they would become a lot healthier than they currently are.


Helping With The Running

Now, if you are a runner and you find out that you can run while earphones are plugged in your ears, would you do that? Or would you rather run without any music blaring? For a lot of runners, it is best to have music that they can listen to while they jog because it allows them to run better and go faster. They actually are not able to feel much of the pain that you get from running. Plus, they do not feel tired that much as compared to if they were not listening to any kind of music.

A study has been done recently and if you are a jogger, walker, or runner, you can personally say that if there is music, the whole task of doing such activities have become a lot better and even easier at most. You can go around and interview those who do such and you would be getting answers saying that it is indeed true. These people would rather prefer to have music accompany them during such.

The study that has been conducted was actually done by a researcher who hails from Germany. He works at the Technical University in Dortmund and the study has been able to prove that indeed, music helps make jogging, running, and walking a lot easier. He has also been able to come up with a pretty good reason as per why this is so.


The Results Of The Study

It was Yves Cloos who actually decided to go ahead with this study that checked out the relationship and connection that running and music has. To be able to have better results with his study, he then decided to split up the effects that music brings to running. He split it up into three different factors. The first factor is that music is able to boost up your endurance. This finding though is applicable only during activities that are strenuous and when the music is added in during the middle portion. However, this is not quite a reality if you are going to look at exerting all the effort that a person should be able to do.



The second factor is that music is able to change how you look at how tired you really are. You may think that you are not really that tired if you are listening to music. However, on the same amount of activity done, if there was no music, you would feel like you are already too tired and that you have done so much when in fact it was just the same amount of work. This is the top reason why those who run, walk, or jog with music in their ears are actually able to do more and actually find that the task is a lot easier to do.

The third factor is that those who do the same kind of exercises with music feel as if they have not been spending that much time on the activity. For example, if you would like a person jog around the park for 15 minutes, he would feel like he really did 15 minutes. Or maybe even feel like he did more than that time. On the other hand, that same jogger, if you let him listen to music as he jogs for 15 minutes would be able to come back and tell you that it has not yet been 15 minutes. He would feel like he did it for a lot less time.


The Very Reason Why This Is So

Though there are factors that gave answers to the study as per why people actually find it easier to do tasks if they were listening to music, there is still no definitely answer as per why this happens. The very close explanation that one can get on this one is that those who actually do running, jogging, or walking are not really focusing on the task that they are doing in the first place. Since they are listening to music, their attention is diverted away from the actual strenuous task and is given to the music that they love listening to. That is why things feel a lot better and a lot easier.

Indeed, there is a point in that one. See, if you were asked to stand still for 10 minutes and not say anything, you would really feel like you are standing for a really long period of time. However, if you have something to distract yourself with like music, then you can actually stand for a lot longer than that and not feel like it has been that long.

So if you would really love to do a lot more exercises, try putting some music on. Let it be your favorite songs and so you’d be able to do more and yet feel like you never did that much.

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The Music Biz: How To Make It In The Music Industry

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So you want to start a career in the music industry. That’s honestly a long shot but it’s not entirely impossible either. Entering music business is probably one of the most exciting yet complex businesses in the world. If you want to become a star, you have to work for it or else it won’t happen. Remember, a person with great dreams can attain great things.

To help you get started, here are some essential habits that you should try to develop if you want to reach down the lane of success:

Get ordinary music lovers to love your music. Nowadays, you can simply upload a video of yourself singing and get thousands of views depending on how good your music is. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you have already what it takes for record labels to invest their money and time developing, promoting and marketing that music. Your music must greatly stand out in some significant, original, dynamic and creative way. So you must do what it takes to prove to the industry that ordinary music fans in your city love your music. How can you do that?

  • Give away samples of your music and put some of your songs on the internet that permits people to download or sample new music.
  • Check if your music has what it takes to entertain the public
  • If people love your music, continue to give away your music; but this time, do it in a more restricted or controlled way.
  • The time will come when you can finally charge a reasonable fee for access to your music.

Play live in public places without having to worry about getting paid. You have to decide whether you’re a musician who is in for the money or a musician who is in for the music. If you’re after making good music, you’ll take every chance to play music for people. On the other hand, money-focused musicians complain about not finding club gigs that pay anything. The truth is, if you make your living merely as a musician in the first years of your career, it’s going to be difficult for you—think about heading for a breakdown or disappointment. Remember, no successful legendary musician made it to the top without going through struggles and hard work. What do you need to do?

  • Always be determined and motivated.
  • Go out there and play on the streets, schools, fairs, festival, benefit events and so on.
  • Offer your services to non-profits, charities, church groups and other companies or organizations.
  • Hang out at places like a club or a restaurant to look for gig possibilities.
  • You can also opt to start your own jam sessions.

Once you have established yourself out there, many people will come to see you play live at your shows. The paid gigs will also increase. Just keep on playing because that’s what musicians are supposed to do.

Protect your investment by registering your songs for appropriate copyright protection. Many artists fail to do this part which is really an essential task. What is a $40 registration compared to protecting your work? If you really aim to work hard and develop your career as a musician who writes your own original songs, then take time to comprehend the basics of copyright protections. You can learn how to file for copyright protection from the internet to the library.

Make promotional materials that will stand out. This will include bios, fact sheets, and cover letters, quote sheets, website and blog pages. If you want to promote your career and get any deal offers, make your promo materials persuasive and informative as possible. Highlight in your website or social media accounts your accomplishments, positive reviews, training and awards, past sales and live appearances.

Know the labels and music publishers. When you are contacted with any music industry company, don’t get too excited. Take time to learn a few things about the recording contract offer or the publishing company. While it’s a compliment to be approached for a deal, remember not to rush ahead. Ask the following questions:

  • How have they done with your particular genre of music?
  • What specific details are they offering you?
  • Who runs the label or publishing company?
  • What is their reputation in the music business?
  • How do you like them as people?

These questions can be vital in making an impassive decision about a planning that could either make or break your career.

Get your own ‘Entertainment Law Attorney’ to represent you. The music industry will always involve an entertainment law attorney. Any relationship between a musician, a record label, a publisher, a merchandiser and others will come down to two attorneys discussing the contract for the musician and the record companies involved. The musician’s attorney and the music company’s attorney congregate, discuss over the phone, and fax or email or snail mail their offers and counter-offers amongst themselves. With that said, it is important to choose a highly regarded, moral, well respected attorney with adequate experience in making deals within the music industry. A good attorney will give you a good fight in the legal arena.

Get a good personal manager. While self-management is now the thing, there can be a time when the everyday job of looking after the business can take up too much time. It is during these times that a good manager can be very helpful. A very important job of a manager is to secure recording and publish contracts for their clients. That is why it is very important to select well connected and well respected managers. Remember, the music business is a “relationship” business; therefore, choose precisely who will be representing you in any business dealings.

Don’t just take advices from anyone. Well, unless you are certain that they know what they are talking about, it’s important to discern which opinions or advices can do well for your planned career.

The road to stardom is one thing that no once truly guarantee. It will take a lot of talent, money, political contacts and probably luck. When the big break finally comes for you, you have to be prepared for the business we call music.

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